Does your organization embrace a culture of courage? Or do you - or others - bite your tongue in fear of saying something unpopular or facing recrimination? How often do the people in your organization fear speaking up to you?

Workplace courage is acting because it feels right and important to stand up despite the potential for serious career, social, psychological, and even physical repercussions for doing so.

Jim Detert has discovered that workplace courage is in short supply today and has become a champion of helping individuals and organizations become more courageous. Courageous cultures help people feel safe and help surface more diverse viewpoints, leading to better decisions and actions.

Three reasons to tune in:

  • Explore the concept of Truth to Power, the set of behaviors for confronting or challenging others, acting with more autonomy than you technically have, protecting or promoting others, and owning your mistakes.
  • Learn how to have candid conversations that ensure commitment to bold aspirations and actions.
  • Understand the steps in the Courage Ladder, a development process we can all follow to develop our own workplace courage.


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